Research Fields

  • Development Economics (primary)
  • Macroeconomics
  • Labor Economics
  • Gender and Development


Patriarchal Norms, Religion and Female Labor Supply: Evidence from Turkey (2015). World Development 76, 40-61. (Link)

Married Women’s Economic Independence and Divorce in the 19th and early-20th Century U.S. (with Daniel P. MacDonald). Social Science History, forthcoming.

Working Papers

Pronatalist Policies and Women’s Fertility Preferences in Turkey: Do Women Really Want (at least) Three Kids? (under review)

Targeting Women’s Employment: Do Employment Subsidies Work? Evidence from Turkey. (under review)

Work in Progress

Is Economic Empowerment a Protective Factor against Intimate Partner Violence? Evidence from Turkey

Gendered Patterns of Industrialization in the MENA Region

Book Reviews

Omar S. Dahi and Firat Demir (2017). South-South Trade and Finance in The Twenty-First Century: Rise of the South or a Second Great Divergence. Review of Radical Political Economics, forthcoming.



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